A creative photoshoot for Label Fashion Show.

The Elements represent the building blocks for the Earth–they are the essential components of life. For Label Fashion Show, the Elements also represent values that shape our vision. Earth stands for grounded-ness, as well as a care for the environment and sustainability. Air epitomises simplicity, but also necessity. It serves as a reminder that sometimes amongst the bustle of life we need to strip back the excess and return to the essence of our individuality. Water represents fluidity between identities, sexualities and genders–a signifier that we need not fall into prescribed categories. Fire, of course, is passion, ambition; a desire do, to create and to influence.

Photography & Editing: Ula Rustamova (@ula.rust)

Make-up & Creative Direction: Vienna Kim (@bennakim)

With thanks to Jo Boon, Kim Kay and Olivia Ives.









Peace, love & stay trippy. xoxo

∙ vienna ∙


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