APRIL 3 (An Interview with the Brand and Event Manager for Judy’s Afforable Vintage Fair)

Ok homiez. You know how much I love vintage. (And if you don’t, where were you when I wrote this post and this post and this post?) Well, on the 3rd of April, Judy’s Affordable Vintage Fair will be coming to St Andrews as a part of the student arts festival, On The Rocks. Judy’s Vintage Fair is the leading of its kind, and I’ve been so fortunate to be in correspondence with the Brand and Events Manager of the fair, Emily Hughes. We talked about her job working for Judy’s Vintage Fair, the best part of working with vintage, and what her favourite pieces are! If you’re thinking about working in events or with clothing/vintage–ur welcome I just made the research a lot easier for you. Enjoy! x

Say hello to Emily!

1. How did you get to working for Judy’s Affordable Vintage Fair, and how long have you been working there?

I’ve been working for Judy’s for over 4 years now – I originally started as a graphic designer with the company when I was a student. It all spiralled from there and I’ve been full time brand and events manager now for 2 ½ years almost.

2. What do you do in your role as Events Manager?

I basically do most things associated with organising and promoting the events. I do have a wonderful bookings manager, Donna, who deals with booking the traders in for events. I’m also in charge of the Judy’s social media–that that’s the ‘brand’ side of ‘brand and event manager’. I spend my weekends running most of our events which means lots of travelling up and down the country, I love that part!


3. Would you consider your role a creative one or is it more administrative?

It’s a mixture of the two, the promotion part of my job is very creative. I have to make sure we are being relevant with our advertising, marketing, social media etc. Obviously I do have to do some admin but the creative out ways the spreadsheet and email work!

4. What does an average day at work look like for you?

Each day is totally different, as well as every month. I work two months ahead promoting events most of the time so when it’s mid fair season it can be pretty long days. I do get to work from home in the week through which is brilliant, it means I can work my hours around my schedule. The event days are my favourites though, I get to see all the lovely traders and customers.


5. What skills does your job require, and what skillsets/work experiences would you recommend for someone who is interested in being an Events Manager?

Honestly, I’m lucky as I learnt on the job, but being hardworking, passionate and dedicated are absolutely crucial to my role. Time management is also essential, I organise my own time so I need to make sure I’m using it efficiently. I’d recommend getting experience at a variety of events though, I think you are either good at events or not, it’s hard work but so rewarding!

6. What is the best part about working at Judy’s Affordable Vintage Fair?

I work with a fiercely strong team with 3 other ladies, Judy (Director), Donna (Bookings manager) and Jenessa (event manager for the kilo sales). It’s really amazing to work with a group of ladies who are constantly supportive and full of ideas. My favourite part of my job is when an event goes really smoothly, is well attended and my traders are smiling.


7. What is your favourite vintage item that you have ever come across at one of the fairs?

Oh I have more vintage then I can even remember. One of my favourites is a bright green (shiny, textured, amazing) dress that I got for a mere £30 – when I bought it the trader told me that it had come with a note that said ‘I wore this for a party in 1952’. I love the feeling that I’m giving the dress a new life, I even look it to my holiday in Vegas!

8. Lastly, why should everyone make an appearance at Judy’s Affordable Vintage Fair on the 3rd April, at the Union?

It’s been ages since we’ve come to St Andrews so we are really excited!! We’ve got over 35 stalls packed with incredible vintage fashion, accessories, jewellery and nick knacks galore. Our event gives people a chance to grab their own piece of the past. Our traders travel around the country so you’ll find a really amazing mixture at our events! It’s only £2 entry and the treasure you’ll be able to find is just wonderful.




Many thanks to Emily for taking the time to chat with me about her role and the fair! I’ll 10000% be making an appearance, so I’ll see you lovlies there :*


UPCOMING POSTS: A review of the vintage event will be posted sometime next week, and I still have to tell you guys all about my amazing holiday in Paris!! Super excited about that one. Stay tuned, bbiez.

Peace and love & stay trippy xoxo


∙ vienna ∙


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