OFF DUTY pt. 3



And here it is–the finale to my three-part Students Off Duty collaboration! If you want to see a summary and interview of my day spent with my photographer, Tanya, check out her blog post over at Students Off Duty.

DSC_0158 edit

The outfit in today’s post is something more minimal, classic and appropriate for a wide array of occasions! I consider it both day and work-wear. It’s useful to have a variety of pieces in your wardrobe that are multi-functional. For me, this white top, studded at the neckline, is that item. So are these absolutely gorgeous Jeffrey Campbell heels–they’re good for day looks, work-wear and going out outfits!

DSC_0174 editDSC_0160DSC_0164

Now if you know me and have been keeping up with my posts, you know how much I love a good bargain. And you know that I will sniff out a bargain from a mile away. These JC shoes were a part of an 30%-off sale at a shoe shop in Garosu-gil, Korea. So I got the 30% off. And then I got an extra $10 off because I’m Vienna and that’s what I do.

I threw on my favourite fluffy H&M cardigan to complete the outfit. I love textured clothing–it explains why I have so much velvet and suede in my wardrobe! I’m fascinated by the tension that results from seeing something that you want to touch, but not being able to.

DSC_0165DSC_0168DSC_0172 edit

Recently I’ve been investing (time and money) into experiences that I feel like I will look back on at the end of my life and say, ‘Damn, that was so worth.’ They may be concert tickets, flight tickets, conference tickets–I’m broke af but I am buying the frickin’ tickets because you know what I’m 21 and young and these are the years to go out and do shit. I’m also entering competitions and sending emails to brands that I would love to collaborate with. I mean it’s worth a shot, right? It feels so worthwhile putting money and effort into these things, though. I feel like I’m taking steps to make my life as full as possible. I know it sounds cheesy af, but I really want you to hear me out on this. Open your eyes a little wider in the next few days and read posters and advertisements for opportunities and events around you. Whether it’s volunteering, a poetry slam, or an essay competition with a cash prize, participate in the little things around you, because those things actually add up (not only to your CV or resumé) but to how rich and full your life will feel.


I love the cut-out detail in the heels of these shoes.

DSC_0186 edit

Above all things, I admire so much those people who take the initiative to be out in the world, imprint the world and work with the world. I love being around people who have big dreams. I hope you, too, are surrounded by individuals who tell you about what they want to achieve. I hope they influence you to sew together bits and pieces of your own narrative for your life. I hope today you are thinking of the small steps you want to take to build your future and grasp those goals. Share them with me. I’d love to know your plans.

Know today that you are worth more than diamonds, b.

Stay trippy,

∙ vienna ∙


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