OFF DUTY pt. 1

So recently I think I partook in the shoot of my dreams.

I create a lot of images in my head about what I think ~blog lyfe~ should look like–the kinds of clothes I want to wear for my next shoot, the different poses I’ll try, the way I come out on camera… but more often than not, my shoots are 10 minutes long, on an iPhone and just a quick way to get content. The other day, however, I met up with my friend, amazing fashion photographer, and creator of the blog Students Off Duty, Tanya Krotovskaya, to collaborate on a post. It was everything I wanted it to be, and I cannot wait to share rest of the content with you.

I’ll be posting our shoot in three parts, according to the three different outfits I put together. Stay tuned on Students Off Duty also, however, as Tanya will be posting the pictures all together, plus a fun interview we had about style and inspiration!

Strap in ur seatbelt for part one of this series:


I’ve been thinking a lot recently about creative energy. Specifically, I realised that I have restricted and subverted mine these past few years in the midst of textbooks, anxieties over the future and sloppy Loving. I’ve been so wrapped up in my own concerns and responsibilities that I wasn’t thinking about what I could contribute in terms of this blog. I want to create my creative outlet and space, but something that you can enjoy and share in. I don’t just want to post pictures of clothes. I want to talk about curating, I want to talk about art, and I want to share bits of my life with you in hopes that you can relate to some pieces of it and be empowered to create art of your own.


I invest a lot of creative energy into what I do with my hairstyles. (SURPRISE!! my hair is now short and cheese-coloured. ***Cheese hair makes it’s big debut on the blerg.***) So every now and then, usually once or twice a year, I’ll undergo a huge style change. Everyone pretty much knows I’m an attention whore so I love the comments I get when I undergo a huge change in hairstyle, but more than that, I love the freshness that comes with something new and dramatically different. I’m a little ball of energy. I can’t stay stagnant.


Of course another creative outlet for me is this blog! Very often, style is about curating which articles of clothing will come together best to express what you want to say about yourself on a particular day. This knit dress from UNIF is a classic LBD with a twist. The halter neckline and backless design amps up the edge and adds a sexiness to it that isn’t overdone. I loff it. c:


I paired the dress with fishnet pull-up stockings from American Apparel and my Doc Martens that I basically wear with everything. The fishnets add an extra edge (NEVER ENOUGH EDGE???), but the boots play down the look a bit. If I wanna go GNO with the outfit, I put on some platform heels.

Knit dress from UNIF

14ct. Gold Bar Necklace w diamond from Vrai & Oro

Fishnet pull-up stockings from American Apparel

Limited Edition Dr Martens red-lace high-top boots

What’s your creative outlet? Where do you invest your creative energy? I’m learning that creativity isn’t a selfish endeavour. It can be self-seeking, self-exploratory, or self-satisfying, but it shouldn’t be selfish. Creativity is to be shared! In the coming weeks I want to share artworks with you, music, poetry. I want these blog posts to be an experience, like a semi/mini digital art installation! BE KEEN cuz I am, babiez.

Peace, love & as always, stay trippy xoxo

∙ vienna ∙


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