FIVE FAVOURITE :: eye products

FINALLY the second in my FIVE FAVOURITE series! Today, I’ll be going over a few of my favourite eye products.

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It’s only recently that I started going beyond a little eyeliner and started delving into different kinds of eyeshadows and mascaras, and I won’t lie–it’s been a struggle. The problem with my eyes is that 1) I have double eyelids. These are different from Korean monolids and Caucasian hooded lids, and it means that everything is about 10X more likely to be creased, smudged and oily. Gr0ss. 2) I have the most stubborn, uncooperative eyelashes in all of history (maybe that’s an exaggeration, but I don’t know anyone else who struggles as much as I do). I have avoided mascara like the plague for pretty much my whole life, simply because I have extremely long, thin and straight lashes which are difficult to curl, control and maintain.

These five products, therefore, are my selected favourites from years of trial and error and black, crappy mascara-stained tears.

1. VDL Expert Colour Primer for Eyes – W13,000

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Before I apply any eye product, I begin with this primer from VDL, a Korean cosmetics brand. Prices in the US for this product fall at around $16, but I love how Korea makes quality products for extremely cheap. This primer has never failed me. It brightens the colour of any eyeshadow, and does an amazing job of preventing smudges and creases in my eyeliner and shadows. For my extremely oily lids, it does wonders.

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Not a lot of product is needed to get the job done. To apply, I simply dot the primer onto my eyelid, and rub it in with my fingertips.

2. Lovely Me:Ex in Teddy Beige from The Face Shop

After I prime, I usually wash this beautiful neutral eyeshadow from The Face Shop over my lids. This colour is gentle, feminine and flattering. It matches perfectly with my skin tone to deepen my eyes without being too overbearing. Unfortunately, I think they may have discontinued the product as I can’t find it anywhere on their website! If you ever stumble across one in store, however, definitely grab it if you’re looking for the perfect neutral.

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3. Maybelline Eyestudio Hypersharp Liner in Black – £15

This liner is the tour de force of all liquid liners. It literally suits every skin tone, type and eye shape. The pen format means easy guiding of the hand, and the extremely fine brush allows you to create the perfect pointy flick to your cat eye. It honestly makes my life so much easier, and I rarely struggle with uneven wings, simply because I feel like I have so much control with this product in hand. If you get anything out of this post, it needs to be this liner. Again, I can’t find the product on the official Maybelline website, but I’m pretty sure you can go into any cosmetics shop and find it. On Amazon, the price is £15.

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4. Maybelline Volum’ Express Turbo Boost Mascara – £5.99

Okay, we need to talk mascaras. As I mentioned above, I have the most stubborn, rebellious eyelashes–freakily long, thin and straight. That means that there is almost no mascara out there (that I have yet come across) that caters to these very specific qualities. Most mascaras are used for lengthening the lashes, but I feel like if mine get any longer, they’ll just look like spiders on my face. I thought that I would need a good curling mascara, but for most of them, my eyelashes flatten out again right away just because of their sheer length and consequent heaviness. Out of all the mascaras I’ve tried, however, Volum’ Express Turbo Boost works the best. It works to thicken my lashes so that they don’t look as creepy and spidery, and maintains the curl better than any other self-proclaimed “curling” mascara that I’ve tried. Despite Turbo Boost being my favourite so far, I’m still looking to find other options. If you know of any other great mascaras that could possibly be a good fit for me, comment and let me know!

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Idk what I’m doing with my face I’m just trying to show you the effects of the mascara.

5. Bobbi Brown Sparkle Eyeshadow in Cement

If you’re looking for the perfect, quick day-to-night fix, this is it. When I stepped into the Bobbi Brown shop for my free make-up lesson (if you have a store near you, book your free make-up lesson asap! Honestly so fun and useful), and the make-up artist applied this shadow, I literally opened my eyes to take a look and went “WOW” out loud. I’m a huge fan of glitter, and this sparkle eyeshadow is glamorous and tasteful. It is impactful, yet not overdone at all–in fact, it is a beautiful, subtle shimmer. The perfect sparkle eyeshadow, in my opinion, and highly recommended for special events or dressy nights out.

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To apply, I simply use my finger and press product into my lid, and around it, if I’m feeling super flashy.

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You can’t really see the effects of the sparkle shadow in this photo, but trust me, it looks beaut.

And that’s this week’s wrap up of my FIVE FAVOURITE eye products! I hope you’re enjoying this series and finding it useful, because I’m having a lot of fun writing them up!

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Remember that you are beautifully made today!

Peace & blessings. Stay trippy xoxo

∙ vienna ∙


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