Oh, look, another unrelated blog title. This one is inspired from another T. B. LaBerge quote:

“No one has the right to censor your capacity to love.”

Aite, so homiez, I’m back at university and that means it’s been ridiculously difficult to stay on top of the blerg game. I’ve had this set of photos since my summer back in Korea, and only just now got around to finishing off the editing and posting them. O well, better late than never.

With this look, I went for a grungier feel. I tried to make my make-up a little smokier as well, but I’m still experimenting for the perfect smokey-eye for my hybrid eyelids. Maybe one day I’ll be good enough to do infographic make-up tutorials on how to style a double eye-lid (there are surprisingly VERY few tutorials of this kind online), but today is not that day. Do comment or reach out to me if you think you’d like to see more of this kind of thing, however.

ANYWAY without further ado, here are the photos for my outfit post. I’m wearing a BOY LONDON beanie, a muscle tee from Forever 21, a bandeau from Urban Outfitters, leggings from Topshop and my limited edition Doc Martens.

DSC_0294_edit DSC_0297_edit DSC_0299_edit DSC_0304_edit


DSC_0327_edit DSC_0328_edit DSC_0347_edit DSC_0348_edit DSC_0351_edit DSC_0363_edit

lace detail on the bandeau

DSC_0372_edit DSC_0379_edit DSC_0386_edit DSC_0390_edit


Ultrafashion skull cardigan

Forever 21 “I never liked you anyway” muscle tee

Urban Outfitters lace bandeau

Topshop leggings

Limited Edition Red-lace Doc Martens

Have a blessed week, all of you, and stay trippy, xoxo.

∙ vienna ∙


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