SPECIAL: interview with Lia & Zebra from Grunge ‘n’ Art

The relationship between fashion, art and the publications that distribute their material is inseparable. That’s why I got in contact with Lia & Zebra from Grunge ‘n’ Art magazine, a publication and blog that aims to capture the “contrast between elegance and grunge.” They feature photography and poetry that have an ephemeral, dainty atmosphere, but with a very distinct edge. Check them out and you’ll know exactly what I mean. I reached out and asked them a little bit about what they do and how they do it. They are exemplars of how people can get their foot in the door towards their desired aspirations regardless of age these days. If you’re interested in what they do, read on to get some hints and tips on how they do it, and don’t forget to check out the article I wrote for them on their blog!



1. First things first, what inspired you both to start up an arts publication such as Grunge’n’Art?

We have tried some different things–we designed, we sewed, we tried to create an independent clothing label, and then our own model-management… unfortunately it wasn’t really our thing.

Then Lia told me (Zebra): “I’ve always wanted to have my own magazine.” At first I thought “She’s only joking,” because at that time we had already started our blog and I thought what difference would a magazine make, since I thought she meant an online magazine. But Lia again said: “No, a real magazine, in print.” So, why not?

We took up photography and we tried to make our posts a bit different – that was our main inspiration to continue.

2. What unique and interesting things does Grunge ‘n’ Art offer the art world?

We want to show that this world is different. We want to show that daily life doesn’t have to determine who you are and that you don’t have to live according to the habits or rituals of others. You have to realize that you have to be creative, to build your own world!

3. Where do you collect most of your material from Grunge‘n’Art?

Everywhere around the world. And naturally we are also included ;). Everyone is welcome to send us material such as photographs, artworks, poems, texts … Everyone who likes grunge, photography that isn’t posed, and everyone who has a freedom of composition.


4. What are some of the challenges you face in producing Grunge ‘n’ Art?

The biggest challenge was to distribute the magazine. Fact is: nearly no one takes your publication if you aren’t known. We were wondering if we could write an email to the English distributor MMS London and ask if they would be interested in distributing our publication; they even didn’t want a copy sample! They took copies of our magazine right away (so you can find them in London. Look at our stockist-list).

Unfortunately we haven’t found a distributor in Germany; they all haven’t responded to our emails!

5. What are some of the central themes/inspirations behind your current two publications—’Pale World’ and “Black. White. And some colours.’?

“Black. White. And some Colours.”

Our main inspiration was to combine grunge – elements with elegance and art. We wanted to show grunge in another way: not only destroyed clothes and flash lighting… Grunge as life’s philosophy – that was the main thought.

“Pale World”

The inspiration was: This world needs changes–new imaginations. New ideas. The usual has faded. With art you can create the world anew.

Our magazines include a note of melancholy; we make it that way intentionally. Because it allows the readers to think and shows them that there aren’t only positive things in life. Moreover, melancholy can also be beautiful.

Soon our third issue “Vision” will be published. And that issue will be really unique.


6. What is your big-picture vision for Grunge ‘n’ Art in the future?

We really want to be distributed everywhere in the world. For our website, we wish to include a much grungier photo-series in the future AND we also want to continue photographing and including our own series too, as photography is a great passion of ours.

7. What advice would you give to someone who wanted to enter the arts/fashion publication fields in the future?

Don’t begin to print your first issue with your own little printer! In the beginning we started to print the magazine by ourselves; we even tried to glue the pages like a proper binding. Seriously! But it went a bit wrong… Another really important piece of advice is to find a distributor right at the beginning.


8. (And of course I had to ask this question…) If you were a unicorn, what would you look like? Get creative!

Lia: I would like to be a light blue unicorn with wings! Because it would be perfect to fly everywhere you wanted to. Also I am a big fan of sparkling things so I guess I would add lots of glitter, especially on the horn.

Zebra: I would like to be a rainbow-coloured unicorn. I don’t need wings because I know that a unicorn is a fabulous creature and it can move everywhere: in the air, in water, on earth… There aren’t certain restricted distances for a unicorn; it only needs to think about where it wants to be and there it is.


Lia and Zebra are two lovely girls, and it’s been a pleasure to collaborate with them on this post. You can read my article on their blog here, and you can follow them on instagram here.

∙ images by Grunge n’ Art ∙


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