CALLING UNFIT GIRLS EVERYWHERE, WE HAVE HOPE (the answer is in cute sports clothes)

My mum recently received $1000 worth of coupons to spend at Under Armour from one of her students’ father, who does business with the sports brand. Needless to say, they were soon all used up after a single visit (buying things is my best talent… if only they had been coupons for Chanel). So today, this is a post about my Under Armour haul. But it is also a post about fitness, why I hate it, but why I believe everyone should do it anyway. Yes, this one’s for all you girls who never got the fitness hype, but still wanted to eat McDonalds and wear crop tops.

Processed with VSCOcam with hb2 preset
note: the items shown do not add up to $1000. there are many items (not shown) that other family members bought.

Behold: a glorious photo of my newest purchases, that were free thanks to coupons. Up until this point, I had always been very hesitant when it came to buying active wear. “I’m not really an athletic person, and I probably won’t use them that often, so what’s the point in spending so much money on a single sports bra?” I’ve told myself this one a lot, and I’m sure you have too. Not all of us are lucky enough to be given free clothing, but after trying on these shorts and tanks once I got home, I felt invincible. I joke about it, but it’s so true. Women–do not underestimate the power of cute active wear. If it feels good, fits well and looks good, you will feel motivated to burn your butt off working out. I can testify because I fiercely hate working out, and there was still a part of me that thought “being a badass kick-boxer in these capris sounds really great right now.” So save up. Buy that sports bra, those leggings, that tank, those trainers. If you’re not consistent with working out, buy it anyway because there will be a day when you will feel motivated to start up again, and that lil’ number will be waiting right there for you. Buy something that fits you well because nothing is worse than forcing on a piece of clothing that makes you feel extremely uncomfortable. And go kill it.

Now don’t get me wrong. I am by no means a #fitspo #fitness4lyfe type of person. I stopped taking sports seriously at the age of 13. This is something I regret, however, because when I came ’round to realising that I had better start working out, I felt incredibly embarrassed to start up again. “Where do I begin? What if I look weird? This isn’t me, I shouldn’t be doing this.” So I’m not a sporty person. But I do love clothes, and I love admiring all those fashion bloggers out there, spending way too much time wishing I had the body to pull off their looks. I’ve never been overweight, but I’m also nowhere close to skinny. I’ve always been content with my body, but I still didn’t feel confident enough to wear certain clothes… Eventually, I had to start somewhere.

I started working out consistently in September 2014–up until then, my workouts were sporadic and barely made a difference. I signed up to a website called Freeletics. For the first three weeks, they emailed me the workouts that I should do. A limited amount of workouts are provided on their website for free, and if you sign up and pay, you have access to a personalised coach and all the different types of workouts. But let me warn you… these guys are intense. I honestly have never pushed myself so hard, but the emails from Freeletics motivated me for long enough so that working out had become a habit. And that’s the first and (in my opinion) one of the hardest steps to overcome: making exercise a habit.

I’ve been signed up to Blogilates for at least a couple years now, but would never stay consistent with her workout calendars. After Freeletics pushed me into making exercise a part of my daily life, I decided to follow Cassey’s routine, and have been doing that for a few months now. I do not do every workout. Like I said, I hate working out, and I am not the type of person who works out 5 or 6 times a week, although if you are that type of person, I am so jealous of you and please continue what you are doing. I also haven’t really drastically changed any of my eating habits. Most fitness professionals will tell you that your diet affects 80% of your fitness journey. And I agree with them. But I really… really love burgers and steak (can I get an AMEN?!) and I’m not good at eating leaves. I try to cook for myself when I can, and I’ve acquired a taste for salads, but ultimately, I haven’t made any huge changes to what I’m eating. I choose healthy options when I feel like it, and I’ve found that the more I’m consistent with working out, the more I naturally want to get rid of the oily crappy substances in my food. If I had monitored my diet better, I would probably have made a lot more progress by now, but I don’t mind because I choose being happy with good food over being the skinniest lil’ Asian-White hybrid out there.

Surrounding yourself with people who will encourage you and motivate you is so important. For me, this person is my boyfriend. He can coach 5 different martial arts and is planning on pursuing a career in the US Marine Corps, so staying fit is a huge part of his lifestyle. He works out consistently every other day, and he talks about it with me a lot. Seeing him live out this lifestyle motivates me to do the same. I have adopted his schedule of working out every other day (but I don’t beat myself up if I skip a day hehe). When I feel discouraged and complain about not wanting to workout–and this happens a LOT–he motivates me just enough to go through with it anyway. Sometimes we work out together. It’s good to have this kind of person in your life, because motivation has to come externally when we are too discouraged or lazy to find inspiration within ourselves. It could be a friend, sister, boyfriend, whatever, but find someone to join you in your workout habits.

It’s true when Cassey from Blogilates says “everyone is on their own fitness journey.” And coming to terms with that truth has made me very happy with where I am right now when it comes to working out. I believe it is important to have a vision and a goal for the type of person you want to be, both physically and mentally. As I’ve already said, I’ve always been pretty content with the way my body looks. I’ve never had a “perfect” or even “desirable” body, but I was confident enough to be happy with my appearance. For me, then, working out was never about being “beautiful” or “attractive to boys.” It was about fitting into that cute dress and still being able to eat my damn pizza. On a more serious note, however, I also believe that working out is an important life habit to develop. There are many scientific health benefits to exercising (you can go Google them… this post is already long enough without me having to list them out), including being a happier person in general, so I think it is something everyone should do to some degree. How much or how little you want to work out is up to you. If you want to go all out and do a detox cleanse and a vegan challenge–go for it. If you wanna do a little exercise to maintain your current weight–do that too! As long as you have your goal in mind and work for it, your fitness choices are entirely up to you. Do as much as what makes you happy, and don’t let anyone pressure you into doing more or less. Please remember that your happiness and wellbeing (physically and mentally) are the most important things.

So the tl;dr is this:

1. Make exercise a habit

2. Develop a diet that is healthy, but still makes you happy

3. Surround yourself with people who will motivate you and join you

4. You are on your own fitness journey and it is totally okay to do as much or as little as you want, as long as you are happy with the results

ANDDD without further ado, here are some iphone mirror selfies of me in my new Under Armour active wear. I love the different combinations I can pull off with the items I selected, and everything is honestly so comfortable and light. Please note that these pictures were taken in the morning before I had eaten anything 😀 I usually sport a very trendy food baby.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Under Armour work out bra in black

Under Armour work out bra in pink

Under Armour Heatgear fitted capri in black

Under Armour Play-Up Shorts in blue

Under Armour Charged Cotton Short in grey

Under Armour Heatgear Compression tank in black

So–to the girls who want to look good and stylish with a cheeseburger in their hands, this one is for you. You are not alone, WE HAVE HOPE, just make healthy choices and be happy. 🙂

∙ vienna ∙


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