Art, Fashion & Food blogs you need to get on right now

Hello, everyone! Some of you may know that I’m a part of a blogging 101 course hosted by WordPress. For our most recent assignment, we were required to link to some of our favourite blogs, as a means to connect and share with like-minded people. Having a lifestyle and fashion blog myself, I naturally follow blogs mostly concerning art, fashion and food. So, without further ado, here are a few of my favourites! (In no particular order.)

1. Psithuria — This is the personal style blog of the founder of Psithuria, the store. The shop itself sells beautifully designed minimalistic t-shirts and accessories, so go and check them out if you have the time! The founder, Linh, has an adorable sense of style herself, however, and I enjoy going through her blog when she posts something new.

2. Beagifted — Beagifted posts her illustrations regularly. With a comic-book esque style, she has a real talent for form and aesthetics. As a great fan of good art, I strongly recommend fellow art-lovers take a look.

3. Beautiful Hello Blog — One of the best art blogs I’ve come across on wordpress. Everything about it is beautiful, interesting and inspiring.

4. The Sweet Files — TREAT YOSELF ’cause these recipes look GOOD. As a college student, I am so thankful that I have The Sweet Files’ recipes in my inventory because eating healthily is often such a challenge when cooking for myself! Thanks to this blog, I have so many ideas for what to cook up when the new semester starts in just a week.

5. Thrift Store Connoisseur — A personal inspiration to my own style blog. I don’t know how this girl pulls off her looks, but she looks amazing every. single. time.

6. With All My Affection — One of the cutest lifestyle blogs around! I’m learning a lot from Arielle’s method of blogging, as she is able to engage with her readers, and maintain a beautiful aesthetic to her blog.

So there are a few of my favourite blogs around wordpress! Happy exploring, and I hope you enjoy.


∙ vienna ∙


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