exploring itaewon

For the six years I lived in South Korea, I most frequented a town called Itaewon, as it was right next to my high school and I would often hang out after school with friends there. When I was 15, the location was known as a pretty sketchy area, and it was unwise as a female to be walking around Itaewon late at night. Since then, I’ve seen the town develop a lot and it’s become quite a hub for tourists and locals alike! Though I’m so familiar with this place and could literally take you to almost any restaurant or café there, it’s always fun to roam around every time I’m back in Korea for the holidays. Today, after meeting a friend from Edinburgh for lunch at a Hong Kong noodle restaurant, I walked down by the road packed with antique shops and snapped some of the cutest ones.

IMG_2893 IMG_2907 IMG_2908 Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Most of these shops are filled with antique furniture and trinkets. I walked into one of them, but it was quite awkward because the shops are usually small, totally packed with furniture so that there is barely any floor space, and as per Korean ajumma (아줌마– translates into “a middle aged to elderly woman”) style, the people who work there stare at you once you walk in. So I stuck to appreciating from the outside, and peeking in through the windows before scampering off once the ajummas spotted me from inside.

I initially walked down this road because it was on the way to my favourite tea house in Seoul. I was so upset to find that it was closed today, however, so I redirected my steps and settled down in Bella’s Homestay, a basement café in Noksapyeong (녹사평) that kind of resembles a retro speakeasy. I’ve come here multiple times both with friends and alone. If you ever visit, order their cinnamon apple pie–it’s to die for. Today, I ordered a milk tea and unwound with George Orwell’s 1984. Despite my overly extroverted disposition, you can’t beat moments like this.

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15 thoughts on “exploring itaewon

  1. Itaewon sounds like a beautiful and charming town! I haven’t visited many antique shops, but they’re growing on me.

    Oh! And how did you like 1984? I read it six years ago but still remember it pretty vividly.

    1. Haha, same for me! They’re so overwhelming when you first walk in, but I’m hoping that they’ll be useful to me when I’m decorating my own place in the future.

      And it’s great so far! Definitely my kind of book, haha. 🙂

  2. When I came back to Korea after my gap year, one of my favorite cat cafes closed down. It’s not like I could go in anyways bc I’m apparently allergic to kitties now. 😦 I was pretty close with the owner though!

    1. Thank you so much! I actually just use my iphone for pictures right now, but if blogging because a more serious thing for me, then I’m planning on buying a camera! 🙂

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